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Part III Economic Theory

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Part III

Economic Theory

A.B. Nikolaev

The International Economic Aspects of Value Formation 159

A.A. Gorshkov

Neoclassical Theory of Market Failures and it's Critics 174

B.B. Slavin

Information and Economic Crisis 182

N.I. Baldych

Crisis of Confidence to Financial Institutions in Imperfect Information:

Overcoming Ways 191

P.V. Skotny

Growth of Human Capital as the Foundation for Development of a State 198

K.I. Sotnikova

Why in Russia there are no Companies Like «Apple» or «Toyota»? 204

A.G. Dombrovsky

There is an Economic Chronotope in Synergetic Measurement 212

Part IV

Modern Education

V.S. Sizov, E.N. Sizova

Problem of an Assessment of Efficiency of Activity

of Higher Education Institutions 221

L.S. Vorobyova

Education as a Development Factor During a Globalization Era 229

Part V

Reviews and Responses

V.A. Kutyrev

What was the «Dialogue of World Views»? 239

A.V. Korovin

Danish Modernism and Martin Hansen's Philosophical Short Story 248

T.A. Esina

People’s Historical Memory as a Source of a Culture

(Reflection about the Book «We Remember…») 258

A.V. Nikonorov

«We Remember...» 265

Scientific Life

R.S. Grinberg

How to Make Domestic Reforms Useful 272

M.V. Leontyev

Algorithm of New Industrialization 277

S.A. Markov

The Big Idea and Forming of Sociality 283

A.A. Nagorny

On Pits and Bumps of Reformation 287

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