Смысложизненные ориентации и профессиональное выгорание онлайн-консультантов по специальности

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Relation between burnout experienced by online-counselors and the life-purpose orientations (including «existence») were investigated in this study. Measured: burnout (Russian version of The Maslach Burnout Inventory (Vodopyanova N., Starchenkova E.), the life-purpose orientations (Russian version of Purpose-in-life test (Leontiev D.), «Scale of Existence» (Langle A., Orgler K.), Bugental's questionnaire), representations about the difficulties of the consultant's work and ways to overcome them (semi-structured interview). Data processing: correlation analysis, analysis of significant differences, qualitative analysis. Results. The life-purpose orientations and the existential fulfillment of psychologists-counselors of both groups in general are similar. However, «face to face» counselors have a higher level of formation of goals in life, as well as ideas about ability to build their lives in accordance with their own goals, a sense of control over life. In the group of online-counselors a special place is occupied by the categories «belief in the best outcome», «acceptance». Burnout (reduced accomplishment) is higher of online-counselors and this indicator is interconnected with the indicators of life-purpose orientations and existential fulfillment; but for other group of psychologists – only with indicators of existential fulfillment.

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