Наука, техника, общество

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Наука, техника, общество
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Prediction, forecast, scenario:
on question about diversity of prognostic research’s results
Sophia Pirozhkova
CSc in Philosophy, Research Fellow. Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences.
12/1Goncharnaya Str., Moscow 109240, Russian Federation; e-mail: pirozhkovasophia@mail.ru
The main problem that article focuses on is the analysis and classification of various forms of scientific prognostic activity and its results. The term “scientific prognostic activity” is proposed by author to integrate the diversity of ways of foreseeing, usually defined as scientific or pretended to be that. It’s shown that in the �� century there is an increased necessity for well-grounded, reliable foreknowledge of three types of events – natural and social as consequences of scientific and technological advance and, third, technological as related to content of technology progress – causes development of new interdisciplinary area of investigations – forecasting, according to the above differentiated primarily as natural, social and technological. Futurology was another area of investigations, arisen a little later

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