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ministry profession

This area of knowledge, psychology of professional activity, said that the ministry is often the highest value of human rights. Proof of this are the numerous testimonies of fidelity to duty. Sometimes the doctor is ready to find a way to cure a serious illness at the cost of his life.

Optional sacrificial heroism serves as a measure of professional duty. Great Mechnikov did for his life in the field of medicine a number of discoveries that make the prospects opened up in the creation of drugs that help people conquer death. His whole life is an example of ethical service to the people.

Writer Solzhenitsyn Solzhenitsyn could in conditions of severe censorship and punishment for the free expression of citizenship does not change his principles.

He transformed his voice into written evidence era. Thanks to his strength of will, the desire for freedom, fairness and consistency in citizenship, the world has received literary masterpieces, paid the price of personal freedom.

work "The Gulag Archipelago", "Cancer Ward", "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" assess historical realities through the eyes of witnesses of that era. It living examples of service profession, left to mankind an invaluable result, the social impact of which can not be estimated.

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