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levels of development subject area

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levels of development subject area

Profession - a narrow area of practical application of knowledge and skills for the specialist. Professional activity - a certain stage in the development of a specialist in the subject field. Education can be obtained in educational institutions of different levels, in the centers, courses, remote and otherwise. Fundamentals of professional activity are confirmed by a certificate which indicates the level of knowledge obtained for a certain number of training hours and confirm the results of testing in the test or examination form. Speciality implies that sufficient knowledge for practical application in the professional field of production.

Specialist, professional, expert often said "an expert in your field."During this evaluation is recognition of the competence of a person in a field in which he practices activities. When a man says, "He's a professional," it's more than competent. This is an expert level. This is not only a recognition of competence in their field, but also the ability to cross the boundaries of their own knowledge, the ability to give a value judgment on the subject of activity compared to similar results in other specialized areas.

specialist, professional, expert - a level of development subject area in any field of socially significant activity.

Code of Ethics

Professionalism - is not only a high level of expert in their field. The ethical component is also an important indicator of the quality of a specialist. This is especially true humanitarian, aimed at the service of man areas of professional activity.

Code of Ethics - a set of rules, the observance of which is a prerequisite for membership of a professional environment. It contains norms as categorical requirements in the exercise of a specialist.

There are a number of professions for which compliance is required to the code of ethics. This sphere of professional activity, somehow affecting the life of the individual. First of all - medicine, law, public safety and education.

ethics of professional activity manifests itself in the service of its debt. Consider the examples of this social phenomenon.

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