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Who can be called a professional?

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Who can be called a professional?

try to deal with this issue. The coach, who knows from "A" to "Z" rules and techniques to achieve high performance swimmer, but he can not swim - he is a professional in his work? The question is not idle, often in life we see how a person learns something else without personal results in practice.

This became especially noticeable in the Internet era. The great number of participants in the virtual space made it a rule to teach a lot of people any sphere, arrogantly calling themselves professionals ... Newly appeared speakers who regurgitate well-known scientists, among the crowd of students trying to win the laurels of "guru."The familiar picture?

On the other hand, consider a person with good results in the subject environment. Whoever produces socially demanded product, knows the craft. He can not always explain how it does explain theoretically the production process, but gives the desired results in the best way. A professional in the business is that man? The answer is yes.

therefore well-known expression "for judge" takes place in this context. The practice in this case is the criterion of truth.

types of employment

Professional activity - an area of competence, which is limited in scope. For example, social services involves hiring a specialist with appropriate training profile. Each of the areas, in turn, includes the weight of narrow areas professions.

Pofessiya - a restricted area of standards activity that involves a certain amount, the level of knowledge and skills of their practical application. There is a world of professions, which gives a description - it has more than nine thousand items. In Russia, such a document contains seven thousand names.

professional field - is the subject areas in which working professionals. The list of fields is not static. From year to year there are new areas of work and disappearing professions that are in demand. It depends on the technical capabilities of the company.

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