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Areas of professional activity:

• humanitarian (target - people);

• natural science (nature);

• social (society).

Professional activity - is the production of socially significant goods or services in the public sphere.

Goals and motives

Goal - a certain time and space idea of the final result. It can be personally and professionally. Interests may be the same, in which case there is a strong personal motivation for professional development. Objectives of professional activity - is important indicator in determining the levels of professional development. If there is no understanding of the purpose and activities of a landmark, it does not make sense to talk about professionalism. Even if the work is carried out in a narrow field of objective environment, in this case, the goal is to limit the amount and the stage to perform a deeper, fundamental problem.

Psychology of professional activity - the science of the laws of human development in the subject environment, which attaches great importance to goal setting.

purpose of the teacher, for example, may be the victory of his students in the regional Olympic Games on the subject. Here are connected and personal purpose, and professional, who strictly defined the subject of training and workload. It is framed in time (date of the Olympic Games) and in space (regional level).The purpose of satisfying the ambitions of the teacher and the personal ambitions of the man who makes the socially important work and receives a corresponding reward.

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