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Professional activity - what is this? Professional activities : scope , purpose, types , features

Professional can be called the sphere of socially oriented, purposeful activity. Depending on the purpose of the system and the criteria are different ways to limit the subject matter of this area.

What professional activities?

select only the essential features of which are obvious, and under which it makes sense to call a professional activity.

system of knowledge and experience. First of all, when it comes to professionalism, the basis should be aware of some skills, without which it is impossible collectively to become a professional.

conceptual system. You can not relate to the subject area of the person, if he does not own professional language.

methodology. The ability to apply the acquired knowledge in real life.

summarize: professional activity - a system of knowledge based on the experience of its application. The practice is on the one hand, the result of the development, and the other - the basis for further growth.

professional field

order to classify areas of expertise should be given strict selection criteria. Otherwise there is a risk of inconsistency in the study of the subject, which is quite extensive. Let's take as a basis the most obvious postulates.

can say that there are intellectual and physical labor. It is clear that physical work, even the toughest demands intellectual resources, but is not limited to them.

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