Философия и культурология


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In the article the authors investigates the value components of social and cultural process in the unity of man, culture and sociality. The authors analyses the facts that the same values change the system, others are only reproduce, higher values become the tool of stabilization. On the basis of critical analysis, the authors concludes that all systems, personal, cultural and social are interconnected and cannot be reduced to one, because they interact. Personal system is impossible without the social and cultural, and social – without personal and cultural. Culture in this case is the axis of human actions, as a connecting link between the individual and the society. Values are here sustainability standards that are implemented motivational and concrete actions.

The theoretic-methodological basis of the research were the works of philosophers, philologists, sociologists about the nature of values. The study used, first of all, social and cultural approach. In this study, the authors has reviewed the activities of as being in the «thick» culture associated with it. The authors suggests that the activity is free, includes the incarnation and representation, is connected with symbolism, playing ability. On this basis the authors concludes that if there is equilibrium between cultural objectives and standards of conduct, then formed a society of relatively stable, but with a tendency to change. In conclusion, the analysis of value creation sociocultural process the authors puts forward a hypothesis about the approximate stability of the value system, in connection with the fact that social action people formed through the values and value orientations, which are a selection criterion for emerging or existing alternatives orientations.
UDC 297

Polomoshnov P.A.

Rostov State Economics University

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